These succulent little rocky road bites combine chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels, and nuts in a quick and easy no- cremate candy that everyone will love! They are simple to make and ideal to serve a crowd or party! FOOD HEALTHY!

I’m a lover of rocky road bites. It’s my go-to ice cream choice, my go-to elf choice, and enough if there’s anything that’s rocky road bites, I’m in.

There’s just a commodity about the combination of chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts that gets me every time.

It’s kind of like smores. However, I’m also in, If there are commodity s’mores( like these s’mores eyefuls).

That’s what you need to know about me – s’more and the road treats are the way to my heart.

These succulent little rocky road bites combine chocolate
These succulent little rocky road bites combine chocolate

A couple of times back I made these rocky road bites protein balls that I still love to this day. But I allowed it was about time to make some other rocky road treats for people who weren’t looking for protein balls.

These no-cremate rocky road bites are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth or bring a cake to a party without spending hours in the kitchen!

The form is super simple with just many constituents and they’re perfect to make ahead of time and also store until you’re ready to enjoy!

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Why You’ll Love This form

5- constituents – with just five constituents you can fluently find at your original grocery store, you know these will be quick and easy to make!

Excellent texture – like any rocky road bite, the delicate quintet of chocolate, brick nuts, and fruity marshmallows are perfect together. rocky road bites

suck – when you want candy, but don’t want to eat a big candy (like these hot chocolate cupcakes), it’s the perfect bite. They’re also great at doing it for a crowd!

Excellent texture – like any rocky road bite
Excellent texture – like any rocky road bite


200g digestive biscuits (Rich Tea may be used as well)

135grams of butter or margarine.

200 g black chocolate (70% cacao)

2-3 tablespoons of gold-colored syrup.

100g mini marshmallows (normal chopped marshmallows also work)

Powdered sugar, dusty.

Component Notes

  • Peanut adulation – delicate peanut adulation is stylish in this form but you could also try it with different spreads like a biscoff adulation, cookie adulation, or indeed an almond adulation if you want to stick with the nutty theme! I do NOT recommend natural peanut adulation for this form or if you do want to use it, make sure the oil painting is all mixed in rocky road bites.
  • Chocolate chips – I like making these with milk chocolate but you can also do dark,semi-sweet, or indeed white if you really want. Or perhaps if you like white chocolate, try these peanut adulation snowballs rather.
  • Pretzel sticks – I used pretzel sticks in these but you could completely use just regular pretzels broken up as well.
  • Diced nuts – I like diced almonds in these just because diced almonds are succulent, but you could really use any of your favorite nuts – diced pecans, diced walnuts, you name it.

How To Make Rocky Road Bites

You presumably noticed that the constituents for this form are enough flexible so really what matters is the process for making these!

And fortunately for you, it’s quite simple.

First, garnish 2-3 mini cupcake molds with mini cupcakes or candy shirts. You could also make it bigger rocky road bites, but I love the mini version for all the reasons I wrote above.

Warming the chocolate chips in the microwave oven in a microwave oven-safe coliseum in 30 alternate supplements, stirring in between supplements, until the chocolate is smooth. This generally takes about two twinkles but will depend on the heat of your microwave oven.

How To Make Rocky Road Bites
How To Make Rocky Road Bites

You can also do it on the stovetop with a bain-marie, make sure to let the chocolate get nice and melted and smooth.

Once that’s done, mix the peanut adulation into the chocolate, stirring it in well. You’ll want to make sure your peanut adulation is at room temperature before trying to do this so it’ll blend well with rocky road bites.

Add half of the marshmallows, nuts, and pretzels to the admixture and stir until incorporated.

Ladle the admixture unevenly into the lined cupcake liners, trying your stylist to keep the chocolate admixture in the liners and not on the outside of the cupcake kissers. I know it’s tough.

also finish these off by sprinkling the covers of each of the rocky road mouthfuls with the remaining marshmallows, pretzels, and nuts.

Leave them at room temperature for about twenty sparkles until the chocolate is fully cured by rocky road bites. Or you can also put them in the fridge or freezer to accelerate the process, but I prefer to let them harden at room temperature.

Expert Tips

Store rocky road mouthfuls in a watertight vessel at room temperature for over five days. However, store them in the fridge in a watertight vessel for over two weeks, If you need them longer.

Double or half this form fluently by just doubling or halving the constituents. This makes it simple to make a small lot or a big lot if you serve them to a party or crowd rocky road bites.

The change affects by substituting any of the constituents other than the chocolate and marshmallows. These would be great with cookie adulation, biscoff adulation, pecans, and walnuts. All feathers of great combinations!

Make sure those are gluten-free by jumping pretzels or using gluten-free pretzels!

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