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Clean Eating Green Smoothie


Green smoothie is participating in the book of new lifestyles that are pursued by many people. The reason this drink is so popular is because of the great benefits it brings to health. Drinking green Smoothie is also considered an effective way to lose weight. So what do you know about how to drink green Smoothie to lose weight and what is the most effective weight loss green smoothie recipe? Food Healthy will help you with the below sharing!

Green smoothie is participating in the book of new lifestyles
Green smoothie is participating in the book of new lifestyles

What is the Green Smoothie?

Green smoothie is a drink with a combination of fruits and vegetables, the main ingredient is green vegetables. This is why green smoothie is rich in fiber, low in calories, makes you feel like it won’t be long, and supports the effective weight loss process.

Green Smoothie – A nutritious and healthy drink

Green smoothie has the function of detoxifying, purifying the body, reducing accumulated toxins and providing vitamins for the body. Instead of other smoothies, there are often a combination of fruit, sugar or milk. The green smoothie has a recipe from green vegetables such as spinach, kale, lettuce, cucumber, .. and combined with fruits such as bananas, oranges, apples, strawberries, …. And in particular, green smoothies do not have the presence of sugar. Their sweetness comes from the sweetness from the fruit, which is a healthy sugar.

Everyone can drink Green Smoothie, from children over 2 years old to the elderly, from those who want to lose weight to those who want to gain weight, sick people, pregnant and nursing mothers.. in general. Anyone can drink it because it is a fruit and vegetable.

Green Smoothie - A nutritious and healthy drink
Green Smoothie – A nutritious and healthy drink

Standard weight loss green smoothie recipe

To have a standard weight loss green smoothie drink, you need to ensure the ratio between the ingredients is as follows:

– 50 – 60%: Use alkaline vegetables. The experience of losing weight by drinking green smoothie shows that, to start getting used to this drink, you should first use mild-tasting vegetables such as cucumbers and spinach. Once you get used to the taste of greens, you can move on to greens that have a stronger flavor than kale, dill, and herbs like coriander, basil, parsley, and celery.

– 30-40%: Use sugary fruits: Drinking smoothies for weight loss will become simpler if you know how to combine them with sugary fruits. The natural sugar found in fruits helps this green drink taste fresher, but also provides great energy for the body, helping the body to feel less hungry. They also provide a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, helping the skin and body become healthier and more beautiful. The fruits that should be used in the smoothie recipe for weight loss are apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, and pineapples.

10-20%: Healthy organic supplements. You can add flaxseeds for protein and healthy fiber such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds; Liquids to make green smoothies easier to drink such as unsweetened yogurt, nut milk, pure fruit juice, etc.

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Standard weight loss green smoothie recipe
Standard weight loss smoothie recipe

Hot Clean Eating Green Smoothie

Smoothie with combination of Spinach + mango 

This is an extremely simple weight loss smoothie recipe, giving you a very delicious, easy-to-drink drink.

Smoothie with combination of Spinach + Pomegranate 

A great green smoothie recipe to make weight loss fun and easy is spinach and pomegranate. This drink is said to not only support weight loss and burn fat, but is also considered a great antioxidant superstar.

Smoothie with combination of Kale + blueberries 

Making your weight loss smoothies menu more interesting with this kale and blueberry green smoothie recipe. The combination of kale and blueberries provides a lot of vitamins and fiber, promoting metabolism and faster metabolism.

Smoothie with combination of Spinach + avocado

This green drink sounds like a great choice for your side dishes. Spinach and avocado smoothie combined with bananas and almond milk will create an ideal nutritional supplement for the body, but with a low calorie count of about 100-150 calories.

Smoothie with combination of Seaweed + spinach 

If you are a loyal fan of healthy diets, you definitely cannot ignore the weight loss smoothie recipe with seaweed and celery. This recipe is extremely nutritious with lots of great nutrients such as fiber, vitamins of group B, C, Omega-3 fats, 6, 9, protein, etc. This drink has the ability to promote metabolism. metabolism, very good for the cardiovascular system and has the ability to balance hormones.

Smoothie with combination of Spinach + strawberry + honey 

Another extremely effective weight loss smoothie recipe with great antioxidant capacity is spinach, spinach combined with honey. Besides, this recipe also creates a drink capable of supporting anti-inflammatory, purifying, and eliminating toxins, making the body healthier.

Blackberry Spinach Salad

Green Smoothie with combination of Spinach + strawberry + honey 
Combination of Spinach + strawberry + honey 

Smoothies with combination of Spinach + matcha 

If you want your smoothies menu to become more interesting, try this spinach recipe combined with match. Bet you will quickly become interested in this drink because the delicious, fresh taste can help you burn belly fat effectively.

Smoothies with combination of  Kale + oats + aloe 

Starting your morning by making a very simple weight loss smoothies with kale, oats, aloe vera combined with some of your favorite fruits. This drink is full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, ensuring an ideal source of nutrients to make your day full of energy.

Green smoothie is very suitable for a clean eating lifestyle. It is also an ideal dish in the eat clean menu. Follow Food Healthy to update more useful things!

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