This fun red, white and blue protein smoothie is perfect for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or anytime you want a red, white, and blue treat. This succulent nationalistic smoothie is vegan, free from refined sugar, and has only 4 constituents!

I love red, white, and blue protein smoothie! They’re cool and stimulating, which makes them perfect for the summertime. Summer smoothies like Avocado Strawberry Smoothie and Berry Oat Smoothie are succulent ways to serve summer fruit.

And this r red, white and blue protein smoothie is designed for summer not just because of the strawberries it includes, but because of its nationalistic layers.

This is a rich and satiating smoothie based on coconut cream. Using coconut cream means it’s dairy-free and vegan. It also gives the smoothie a rich and delicate taste!

This fun red, white and blue protein smoothie is perfect
This fun red, white and blue protein smoothie is perfect

Coconut Cream vs Coconut Milk

Coconut cream is a thicker interpretation of coconut milk. It’s about 4 times as thick as coconut milk, so you can’t substitute one for the other.

In this protein smoothie, the consistency of the coconut cream is needed to allow you to subcaste the different smoothie colors. You could make this smoothie with coconut milk and it would be succulent – but the layers wouldn’t stay separate in the glass.

For this protein smoothie form, unsweetened coconut cream is stylish, because the fruit adds a plenitude of agreeableness. There’s no need to add any sugar or other sweetener to this form.

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Other Constituents

Along with coconut cream, this smoothie uses.

  • Bananas – Bananas are a classic smoothie component that helps make smoothies delicate. For this smoothie, you’ll get stylish results from frozen bananas.
  • Strawberries – Strawberries are a stylish summer fruit! You can use fresh or frozen strawberries in this protein smoothie.
  • Blue Spirulina – This superfood provides a blue color for the protein smoothie.

What’s Blue Spirulina?

Blue spirulina isn’t really a food coloring, it’s a color concluded from blue-green algae. It’s also an astonishingly enough blue color, which is veritably delicate to find in natural products.

But it doesn’t just feed color, it also adds protein, vitamins, and minerals. While all that’s true, no one wants to drink a smoothie that tastes like algae or fish!

But don’t worry, it has absolutely no taste that I was suitable to ascertain. The quantum used to color the smoothie is small and any taste it has is fully overwhelmed by the other constituents.

If you’re looking for further ways to use blue spirulina check out my form for Blueberry Chia Pudding! Blue spirulina is also great for adding flapjacks for a fun-colored breakfast.

I love red, white, and blue protein smoothie!
I love red, white, and blue protein smoothie!

How to Make Red, White, and Blue Layered Protein Smoothie

This protein smoothie is veritably thick, which makes it easy to beget layers.

1. Red Layer

Add all the strawberries and half a banana to a blender. Add 1/3 of the coconut cream to the mixture. Mix them to obtain a beautiful dark red color.

still, fill them no further than 1/3 of the way full, If you add too many important bananas to this subcaste you’ll get further pink than red! Pour the strawberry admixture into your spectacles.

2. White Layer

Flush out the blender so that your coming subcaste will be white, with no strawberry residue. Put all the rest of the bananas and coconut cream into the blender and blend until delicate.

This admixture is going to be both the white subcaste and the base for the blue sub caste. sluggishly pour half of the protein smoothie in the blender over the red subcaste in the spectacles.

Make sure you keep enough for the blue subcaste! Alternatively, you can ladle the white subcaste into the glass rather than pour it. This can help prevent the layers from blending.

3. Blue Layer

Once you have the white subcaste in place add the blue spirulina grease paint to the blender and mix well. If you want a brighter blue add a little further grease paint.

Pour or ladle the blue admixture over the white subcaste in the spectacles. Add a straw and serve!

 Use concreted fruit in layered smoothies
 Use concreted fruit in layered smoothies

Tips for Layering Protein Smoothies

Layered smoothies are veritably enough and not as delicate to make as you might await. Then are some tips for making nice defined layers in protein smoothies.

 Use concreted fruit in layered smoothies. The freezing makes the smoothie thicker, and so it layers more.

When you’re assembling the protein smoothie use a ladle to add the layers after the first. When you pour directly from the blender it’s easy to beget too much force and mix the layers.

If you’re having trouble getting the layers to stay separate pass concreting the spectacles. Put the glass in the freezer for 15 nanoseconds before you start making the smoothie. also keep putting the glass back in the freezer in between each sub caste.

Basically, if you’re looking for a reason to make a red, white and blue protein smoothie, I’m sure you can come up with one HERE!

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