This healthy strawberry smoothie recipe is sweet, creamy, and packed with nutrients! This refreshing recipe has so many options to customize, there’s something for everyone.

Have you ever seen the perfect strawberry smoothie? Blending a smoothie is not as easy as it seems. Of course, you can blend some fruit and yogurt you like in a blender. But after that perfect creamy texture and just the right amount of fruit? 

You have to know something about smoothies. Alex and I finally found our perfect strawberry smoothie recipe, shown below. Do it, remember it, and make the perfect healthy strawberry smoothie time and time again!

This healthy strawberry smoothie recipe is sweet
This healthy strawberry smoothie recipe is sweet

What makes it the perfect strawberry smoothie?

Alex and I have been cooking for many years and have a vegetarian cookbook, with techniques such as sourdough bread, pizza, and many cocktails. So we decided: why not master the smoothie? We’re starting with this Strawberry Smoothie recipe. Here’s why it works perfectly for us:

  • Light and creamy texture. Smoothies can easily become too icy or too thick. This light, creamy texture has just the right amount of icy airiness.
  • Fruity, slightly sweet, and intense. Taste is the variable: a strawberry smoothie has often been too bitter or too sweet. It’s also easy to mask the “signature” flavor. This strawberry smoothie has been lightly sweet with just the right amount of berry essence.

Toppings for This Strawberry Smoothie

That’s all these strawberry smoothie needs! Alex and I made sure to choose healthy ingredients for this smoothie: no sugary fruit juices or syrups. Here’s what we chose:

  • Frozen Strawberries: Frozen strawberries are easy to find and store, and they add a zesty texture to this smoothie. If you want to use fresh berries, use frozen bananas.
  • Fresh Bananas: Our most hated strawberry smoothie recipe calls for frozen bananas because we never have any on hand! Usually, we want a smoothie recipe right now. So we adapted this to use fresh bananas.
  • Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt adds protein and beneficial probiotics to this recipe. (You can add more if you like yogurt.) It also creates the perfect creamy texture.
  • Ice Cream: Here’s the important part – ice cream is essential for the perfect strawberry smoothie! It has just the right amount of foamy texture. We haven’t tried it, and it does make a difference. Don’t hold back!
  • Milk: You need the right amount of liquid in your strawberry smoothie to blend. Not enough and the blender will jam (worst of all!), too much and it will taste milky. You can also use non-dairy products (see below).
  • Maple Syrup: A hint of maple syrup brings out the sweetness of the berries. You can omit it if you’re on a low-sugar diet, but it won’t taste sweet enough without a sweetener.
Toppings for This Strawberry Smoothie
Toppings for This Strawberry Smoothie

How to make it herbal/ vegan!

You can make this vegetal or herbal strawberry smoothie by doing the following::

  • Make our Banana Strawberry Smoothie. Try our Banana Strawberry Smoothie: it’s vegan and uses only 2 ingredients!
  • Replace yogurt with plant-based milk and vegan yogurt or ½ a banana. We love the use of oat milk or almond milk. Oat milk is usually sweeter and creamier, so we prefer it. Alternatively, try coconut milk, which adds a good coconut essence, or soy milk. Then use vegan yogurt or another ½ banana for yogurt.

Optional plugins and variants

Of course, you can mix up anything you like to customize your healthy strawberry smoothie! But at the same time: if you want it to be perfect, you have to use flavors that work. Here are some ideas:

  • Almond butter. Almonds go well with strawberries. Use about 1 tbsp, and 2 tbsp for a stronger almond flavor (it also darkens the color a bit).
  • Vanilla. Use ¼ to ½ teaspoon of vanilla to enhance the flavor.
  • Mint or basil. Add some fresh mint or basil leaves for an herbaceous twist.
  • Pineapple. Substitute 1 cup of frozen pineapple for 1 cup of frozen berries. Go for the Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie.
  • Mango. Replace 1 cup of frozen berries with 1 cup of frozen mango.
  • Banana.Add an additional ripe banana and remove the Greek yogurt.
  • Blueberry. Substitute 1 cup of frozen strawberries and blueberries.
  • Chocolate. Stir in cocoa powder; continue with Chocolate Smoothie.

Do not add anything. A handful of spinach leaves! They turned this smoothie an unattractive brown color. If you’re craving a green smoothie, check out our perfect green smoothie.

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You can make this vegetal or herbal strawberry smoothie
You can make this vegetal or herbal strawberry smoothie

Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam is the secret sauce in this easy strawberry smoothie recipe. Not only does it sweeten smoothies, but it also enhances the flavor of strawberries without any artificial syrups or extracts.

Frozen strawberries are preferred over fresh strawberries because they thicken and cool smoothies without adding ice to water them down. Plus, you can use frozen berries to make smoothies any time of year.

The cow’s milk can be displaced with kefir or any kind of non-dairy milk that you like. You could also use sugar-free jam or “ spreadable fruit ” to drop sugar situations. And of course, use ANY kind of frozen fruit and jam to make this “ stylish ” smoothie from your flavor of choice: jeer, blackberry, mango, and the sky are the limit. Visiting Food Healthy to discover more delicious dishes.

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